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Effective January 1, 2016

Domestic (US) Return Policy

This policy covers courtesy returns and exchanges by customers in the United States only of products manufactured by Zimmer Dental, Inc. or BIOMET 3i, LLC. Third party manufactured products sold and distributed by the Zimmer Biomet dental division are excluded from this policy. This policy does not address returns and exchanges in connection with product non-conformances discovered after product packaging is opened. Please contact Customer Service to complete a Complaint Report Form in such circumstances.

Return Policy

A purchaser may return any Zimmer Biomet product within 180 days of invoice date. Zimmer Biomet products returned within 90 days of the invoice date will be accepted without any re-stocking fee to the purchaser. Zimmer Biomet products returned between 91 and 180 days of the invoice date will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Exchange Policy

Zimmer Biomet products may be exchanged within 365 days of the invoice date, without a re-stocking fee, for other Zimmer Biomet products within the same product family as determined by Zimmer Biomet (e.g., implant for implant, abutment for abutment, membrane for membrane, etc.), provided that if the replacement products are of greater value than the returned products, the purchaser will be charged the price differential. The value of a replacement product will be determined based on the following in order of priority: promotional discount applied to the purchase the returned item so long as the original promo code or pricing contract also covered the replacement product; or list price. Freight charges will apply to exchanged product shipments.

Conditions Applicable to All Returns & Exchanges

All returned or exchanged Zimmer Biomet product must be (1) returned in its original, unopened package (including autoclavable product); (2) a non-expired and currently offered Zimmer Biomet product (expired and discontinued products are excluded); (3) returned freight prepaid to 4555 Riverside Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 (Attention: Returns Department) accompanied by the Zimmer Biomet Return Authorization Number provided by Zimmer Biomet's Customer Service Department and (4) received by the Returns Department within the time frames specified above. Zimmer Biomet products not meeting these criteria will not be accepted for return or exchange.

Returned and exchanged product lot numbers will be checked to ensure compliance with the time limitations referenced in this policy. Zimmer Biomet reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to (a) decline any return or exchange if product with alternative lot numbers is provided in place of product purchased within the time limits herein, or (b) terminate the eligibility of any customer from this courtesy return policy in the event of suspected abuse or fraud.

*Exceptions to this policy may be authorized only by Customer Service Managers, Director of Global Customer Service or proper designee.

L03.04.00.03 Rev 1

Due to regulatory requirements, Zimmer Biomet's dental division will continue to manufacture products under Zimmer Dental Inc. and BIOMET 3i LLC respectively until further notice.

Zimmer Dental products and BIOMET 3i products may not be cross compatible. Please refer to individual product labeling for compatibility information.